Meet the Team

Teamwork in a dental practice is vital: each person’s tasks contribute to the quality of patient care. When we work together, we are able to provide comfortable, worry-free visits and deliver lasting, life-improving results.

In my office, each team member is skilled, gentle, respectful, and supportive of their coworkers and our patient family. They are the bedrock of the practice, and I am proud to work with them.
— Dr. Noorani


Business Manager

I like meeting many new and interesting people and helping them feel at home in our practice. I work closely with our patients in all aspects: reviewing treatment plans, maximizing their insurance, and negotiating financial arrangements. When someone realizes we will work with them to ensure they receive the dental care they need, they feel safer and understand we really care about their well-being.

I have been with Noorani Dentistry since 1996 and appreciate being part of a practice that’s kind, ethical, and responsive. Dr. Noorani and our team have worked together for many years; we are a close-knit family, all working toward the shared goal of creating happy patients.


Office Administrator

I enjoy interacting with our patients: getting to know each person and building a relationship with them. Along with Dr. Noorani and the team, I work hard to make everyone feel welcome, at home, warm, and important. I greet each patient by name and do my best to elicit a smile. We are glad you’re here! I help people with paperwork and answer questions about treatment, scheduling, and anything else they have on their mind.

I started working in the field in 2003, right here at Noorani Dentistry. Dr. Noorani is a gentle, skilled doctor and our team members are kind and compassionate. We’ve worked together for so long that we’re a big family!


Dental Assistant

I enjoy helping our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Not everyone looks forward to seeing the dentist, so I work hard to make sure people understand we do our best to ensure pain-free visits. I learn as much as possible about each new patient, especially their personality, wants, and values. I prepare them for their X-ray and exam and let them know everyone on our dental team is here to help with their dental goals.

My dental field experience started right here, with Dr. Noorani, in 1983. We have a family-like atmosphere with our staff and our patients, and that makes for a wonderful work environment.


Dental Assistant

I like to help each patient feel comfortable in our office, especially during their procedure. Some people have dental anxiety, so I always listen to their fears and reassure them that Dr. Noorani provides painless care. I welcome patients into the operatory, seat them, and prepare them for their exam and necessary X-rays.

I have worked in the dental field since 2002 and joined this wonderful practice in 2012. Dr. Noorani is caring and gentle; he always thinks about what’s best for his patient and how to achieve it. He and the team maintain a family-like atmosphere, filled with smiles and friendship.


Dental Hygienist

I enjoy my patients, talking with and getting to know each as I help them achieve optimal oral health. I help patients understand the importance of protecting their long-term dental and overall health, provide oral healthcare education, and reinforce the benefits of treatment. By making sure my patients are comfortable, I reassure them that I truly care, and that builds trust between us.

I joined the dental field in 1989 and was welcomed to Noorani Dentistry in 2009. I love working with Dr. Noorani because of his compassion and commitment to his patients and the superb dentistry he provides. My teammates — both the clinical staff and the front office — feel like family. We look out for and help each other so we can provide the best care for our patients.


Dental Hygienist

My favorite part of my job is the people: I enjoy our established patients, meeting new people, and seeing results in each person’s oral hygiene. I especially enjoy patient education and teaching everyone about the importance of preventive care. I review a patient’s medical history, clean their teeth, and take necessary X-rays, all while providing helpful information and encouragement.

I started in the field in 1980 and found my professional home with Noorani Dentistry in 2008. Dr. Noorani is a great dentist who really cares about his patients and his staff, and my coworkers are the best people. We all strive to do excellent work!

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